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Move Without Limits

We are a collection of Physical Therapists, Medical Massage Therapists and a medically minded Personal Trainer who have come together to help you eliminate chronic pain and return to a fit and active lifestyle.

Our collaborative approach ensures you are given the best step by step approach to Therapy, Fitness and Soft Tissue work. We not only get the results you deserve, but also ensure you understand your body on a new level to maintain and build upon these results for a lifetime.

Our Process

   The reason why most therapy fails to get you the results that you deserve is that it occurs at random.  You may work with one therapist the first time you go in and then a tech the next.  This means that the coaching and approach are completely different and there is no carryover or plan for your progress.

   By contrast, we are a team that collaborates and work together to ensure each client is given the right blend of services (Massage, Physical Therapy and Fitness) to ensure you progress as quickly as possible from Rehabilitation to Fitness. 

  Through our tested process, we help you to move and feel better in fewer sessions and get you back to an active lifestyle!



We offer an incredibly thorough evaluation of your biomechanics, strength and injury history to get to the root of the issue.


More importantly, we take the time to get to know you as a human being and work with you to craft a program that works for your budget and schedule.


Plan, Create and Execute

We create a custom plan that offers the appropriate services for progressing your goals. Some clients will begin by seeing our Physical Therapist and Massage Therapist and progress in to fitness while others will work immediately without the need for Therapy.


Typically see us 2-3 times per week either in person or via Zoom.


Education and Accountability

In addition to in person training, our clients are provided with a Daily home mobility/fitness program and education on posture, fitness, sleep and more through our customed client app.

The app allows us to communicate with you daily and coach you through every aspect of our program.

Client Testimonials

Nathaniel C.

Charlotte M.

Bill C.

"In the past I had a shoulder injury that bothered me quite a bit, even just driving in the car and turning the steering wheel caused a lot of pain. When I brought it to Chris' attention, we worked on strengthening that weakness... now we've worked it and I am pain free. I can do a push up with a smile on my face. "

- Sharon N.

"Went from basically doing nothing to being able to do anything and a lot more. Just from the functional fitness that we've been doing. Its strengthened my back. I've had back issues, back surgery in the past. The overall strength gains have been significant since I've been working with Chris."

- Scott L.

"I came to see Chris because I had a lot of pain in my hip and my hamstring do to running injuries. The issue had been going on for about three years. After working with Chris for about 4 or 5 months, the was a big difference. Little by little the pain went away and now I am pain free and can run again."

- Caroline D.

About Us

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