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Frustrated by your mid-section? Here is what to do..

Bit of an odd thing to say, but, in addition to being physically desirable, a flat stomach is probably the greatest sign of overall health we can possess. Because 80% of the immune system exists in the stomach, it's function and the body's health as a whole can be crippled by chronic low grade inflammation that exists in the stomach for many of the reasons I cover in this video. This inflammation is also the major player in stored bodyfat around the mid-section and the reason most of us CANNOT develop a flat stomach regardless of how hard we work at diet or exercise. So how can we get flat stomach without killing yourself? In this video, you will learn... - Why you do not currently have a flat stomach (if you do not) - Major factors behind getting a flat stomach - How stress is the single most important factor in getting a flat stomach - How intermittent fasting plays in to getting a flat stomach - Killer ab protocol to flatten your stomach (assuming you are healthy)

Look forward to hearing from you soon. Coach Chris

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