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You deserve to feel this way..

When things are going wrong, the last thing I want to hear is other people telling me that I should be grateful or have a better attitude. If you have ever felt tired all the time, had racing thoughts or just a sinking feeling that there has to be more to life than this, I want you to know that these feelings too are also valid and important to experience. They make you a whole person because, over the course of a lifetime, we all experience highs and lows. But even when everything seems out of control, the one thing we can always control is the way we perceive and react to situations. You deserve that and I hope this article provides a head start.

The Power of Choice: Things move really fast if we lack the ability to stop and observe/appreciate our surroundings. With a wedding, buying a house and massive change to my business occurring this year, I am determined to make these some of the best moments of my life versus just more work that I have to do. This is only possible if I actively working to view them in this way. What I find to be absolutely amazing about the human mind is that this quality of reactivity versus calm can be actively trained. So I challenged myself to Meditate every day for at least 10 minutes in 2022 and I have been posting my Meditations in our Facebook community as a form of accountability since early January. The purpose behind Meditation (as I understand it) is to cultivate calm and non-reactivity under a multitude of circumstances (also known as mindfulness). What also appeals to me greatly about Meditation is that we can cultivate gratitude, kindness toward others, a release from pain or even heat our bodies. This article is the best resource on meditation I have found and provides both it's scientific underpinning as well as the how/why/what for every kind of meditation you can think of. Here are a few Playlists I have found helpful: 1. Sleep meditations 2. Anxiety meditations 3. Stress management Do you currently meditation? What is your favorite type and how long do you typically sit at one time? Reply to this email and let me know! Sincerely, Coach Chris

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